The religious outlook of Durvinita was marked by tolerance. . The Gounders have been credited by many as unique among the other caste groups of the region and southern India as a whole. Thus the community is losing its identity and distinct culture due to over adherence to norms. Religion and communal structure of the Gounders, The Gounders are followers of the traditional form of Saiva Siddhanta Hinduism. Thus we can trace the presence of two distinct varieties of Gounders within the same marrige group. . It would appear that in the closing years of the IV century A.D., King Padmanabha of the Gangas had to send his two sons, Dadiga and Madhava to the south by way of preparing himself to meet his enemy, King Mahipala of Ujjain. only). pp. . The Gavundas who appear most often in inscriptions were the backbone of medieval polity of the southern Karnataka and western Tamilnadu region. The first settler of any land has the rights of ruling and defending it, though the ownership might change hands. BY ANCESTRY.COM. . Most visibly, the antagonism is over inter-caste marriage. . The region of Kongunadu originally belongs to the Kurinji ( Tropical evergreen mountainous ) and Mullai types ( Tropical deciduous plateau ) which were originally densely to medium sparsely forested. He also translated into Sanskrit the Vaddakatha or Brihatkatha of Gunadya, which was originally written in the Paisachi language (translated by his vassal Konguvelir to Tamil). . . (Ibid, also 64). . . As even a 17th century poet, Valasundara Kavirayar in his Kongumandalasatakam versifies the borders of Kongunadu. . . . The history of the Kongu Vellala Gounder caste is one of the most obscure along with the history of the Kongunadu region itself. Kongumandalasatakam says that the cattle raid was sucessfully repelled by Arjuna (Bruhannala) with Uttarakumaran, the son of the King Viratarayan of Ladapuram (modern Dharapuram) at a skirmish at the banks of the Kanchi (Noyil) (dates: 3100 B.C, Mahabharata). ); MJLS., XIV). Netri Pattai (a distinctive Matha Patti) - 3 or 4 tiered band of beads tied on bride’s forehead. Records of the Gounder Family, Copyright © 1999-2020 AncientFaces, LLC. These Vellalas are descendant from the ancient Kshatiriya Suriyavamsam ( Solar dynasty ) through the Gangakulam ( preserved in names like Suriya Kangeyan and titles having Kangeyan ). of Karnataka located seventy kilometeres to the north of today's Bengaluru ). This can be seen in the book written by A.K.Natarajan of Vanniyar sangam. His political achievements, military victories, diplomatic skill and many sterling qualities of head and heart prove that his claims were justified. . A brief account of the Ganga dynasty available from the inscriptions engraved by the royal dynasties of Ganga community may be discussed. Demographic spread. It must have been a distinct language as it also shows relations with Eela Tamil, Prakrit-Aprabramsa and Kannada. . The design consists of hanging decorative types of elements. Still, no better description can be given of Simhanandi than what is found in the Jaina record near the Siddhesvara temple at, On the other hand we owe to the evidence of inscriptional records like those of the Parsvanathi Basti at Sravana Belgola and others to be seen at Kallurgudda and Purale in Shimoga Taluk that Madhava definitely came under the influence of Simhanandi, who initiated him into jain doctrines and conferred on him a kingdom on condition that he always took care to uphold that Faith throughout its confines.

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