For example, don't ask if you should apply for residence - that's totally subjective. I had no idea about good or bad housing so i applied randomly for year round residence. I dropped down to L100 on the winter session housing waitlist and it hasn't moved since.... what are the chances it'll keep dropping? You do need to bring your own furniture, and I’ve heard of some ant problems sometimes, but you should be fine if you don’t make a mess or leave food out all the time. Is this normal, or should I be concerned that I might not be getting a connected single? I'm number 225 on the waitlist but it's declining very slowly - like 2 spots every 3 days. The market rental units in the buildings listed below are owned and operated for the university by Wesbrook Properties, a subsidiary of UBC Properties Trust. Welcome to UBC Student Housing Choose your Campus. A couple of notes: Please provide us with as much pertinent information as possible. Anybody still looking for a roommate for off campus housing in UBCO? Upvote good answers: saying 'thanks' is nice, but if someone helped you out, upvotes will make the information more visible to everyone. Vancouver, Since you’re offered a space now, yours would expire as well on Apr 30th. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ask specific questions you have about residence which can be answered conclusively, and draw your own conclusions from the responses you get. If someone could please confirm these points I would really appreciate it! This is a page about living in residence as an upper-year student. Important: Please keep in mind that it's been a minimum of a year since most of us have done anything related to housing. Residence offers for September occupancy were distributed by email beginning in June. I'm traveling right up until that Monday and would hate to have to move all my stuff into a hotel for just one night, especially as I'll already be paying for the room at Green. UBC currently administers two pilot programs for faculty and staff, offering rental housing to employees at a rate based on their income. And, are your roommates going to keep turning on and off lights, so it can disturb your sleeping? Try to ask several small questions instead of one big one. But Last year I was about 550 at around this time too and never got an offer (not even in term 2), so I'm not sure it's realistic to keep hoping you'll get something :/. UBC Grades - grade distributions for previous offerings of all classes offered at UBC. Cookies help us deliver our Services. We strongly encourage you to contact the relevant non-reddit bodies (the UBC Housing office, your prospective landlord, the Residential Tenancy board) to confirm any answers you get here.

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