UK bars South Korea from selling FA-50 to Argentina The United Kingdom has effectively barred the sale of the FA-50 Fighting Eagle to Argentina, with th... View all air news Latest news and updates on military and defence in the UK, along with troops and campaigns overseas. cookies to improve your experience and customise advertising. © 2014-2019 UK Defence Journal, all rights reserved. UK Elite & Special Forces News / Blog The latest news, media and commentary related to UK special forces and elite military and police units... 26.10.2020 - News: SBS Retake Oil Tanker Subscribe to Daily Star and Daily Star On Sunday newspapers, North Korea nuclear site pumping out smoke as fears grow over store containing uranium, Activity at North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center has renewed in recent weeks, with satellites showing a building believed to produce uranium dioxide has started smoking, One of UK's biggest spiders thought to be extinct seen in wild for first time since 1993, The great fox-spider, a night-time hunter, was discovered on a Ministry of Defence training site in Surrey, despite the fact it was assumed extinct as it had not been seen in Britain since 1993, Secret history behind the Cuban Missile Crisis – the most dangerous moment mankind's faced, This week marks the anniversary of most dangerous confrontation of the Cold War, an incident which has been called 'the most dangerous moment in human history', Ex-Royal Marine caught performing sex act in public claims he can't do community service. The pilot scheme will see the city's population of almost half a million offered regular coronavirus testing from later this week. The latest breaking news, ... Sean O'Grady Why is Dominic Cummings visiting UK military and security facilities? Football RAF And Navy Managers Preview Inter Services Football Clash 29th October 2020. Americas. Was he a spy, an innocent embassy secretary or a decoy to distract the Polish secret service? The exercises form part of the overhaul effort aimed at developing the tactics and determining the equipment needed to turn the Royal Marines into the "Future Commando Force". Royal Navy honours Britain's 'greatest military hero' at annual Trafalgar Day event The News, Portsmouth 15:31 21-Oct-20 Royal Navy salutes 'great and glorious victory' of Trafalgar 215 years after 'immortal' battle The News, Portsmouth 15:31 21-Oct-20 The 10-year-old is raising money for the veterans' legal battle to abolish fees to stay in the UK. Echo encounters ghosts of WW1 while training off Plymouth, Mandy gets Enterprise Week off to flying start, Stats preview second album with third single “Come With Me”, PREMIUM: UK delays Integrated Review update pending spending review discussions, Gleeson Homes Teams Up With Forces Property Direct, American war veteran living in Swindon hopes Donald Trump loses US election, The Tory war crimes immunity bill is betrayal of the troops by their officers, Iran Air Force conducts large-scale manoeuvres, RAF veteran boosts donations for local food bank, British RC-135 surveillance aircraft operating off Syrian coast, Don't let the Royal British Legion lose out this Remembrance Sunday - please make an online donation, Government claims bringing nuclear warheads in house will enable investment in technology, Achieving Alpha: A step towards modernising Veterans UK digital services, Aldermaston's nuclear weapons base to be taken over by government, Storm in a teacup – at Kew’s pavilion restaurant, "How must he have felt, knowing at any time he could be shot down? NewsNow is the world's most accurate and comprehensive UK military news aggregator, bringing you the latest armed forces headlines from the best of the UK and world's online news publications. News US news Elections 2020 World news Environment Soccer US politics Business Tech Science Newsletters ... Russia is spreading lies about Covid vaccines, says UK military chief.
Military news, updates, numbers, troops, armed forces. Missiles. What’s going on at the Northern Ammunition Jetty? Military RAF aircraft spotted circling above Edinburgh city and coastline, Ministry of Defence takes back control of UK’s nuclear weapons contract, Huge spider 'feared extinct' spotted for first time in over 25 years on Surrey MoD training base, ‘We are running out of room’ - Curator continues growth despite lockdown, Centenary of the execution of Connaught Ranger James Daly, MOD Renationalises Nuclear Warhead Manufacturing, Boeing 727 at Cotswold Airport to be brought down M4 and M32 to Bristol - and turned into, New report calls for relocation of OFSTED civil servants from Whitehall to Lancaster, Serco slumps after loss of UK nuclear warheads contract, Fourth RAF Poseidon MRA1 maritime patrol aircraft named, Albion demonstrates entente formidable with French Navy, British military Joint Helicopter Command sustain airpower operation in Mali, Cooperation on AI will ‘boost security’ say NATO, Boeing plane to be brought to Bristol - and turned into an office, One year of construction at the Northern Ammunition Jetty, Fourth British P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft completes test flight, Melding biology and physical sciences yields deeper understanding of cancer, Market exploration: surgical instrument sterilisation in austere environments, South Korean Marines announce first female helicopter pilot, New Head Of Royal Fleet Auxiliary Assumes Position, RAF-USAF Joint Counter-Drone Tests Underway At RAF Lakenheath, £40K raised for Poppy Appeal so far despite impact of Covid, Student flats to complete Paisley High Street revitalisation, Whole population of Liverpool to get COVID-19 test as UK case numbers soar, Coronavirus live updates and latest infection rates as Liverpool prepares to deploy 'powerful, All residents and workers in Liverpool offered Covid-19 testing, Why US election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will shape the future of a nation in crisis, US election 2020 live stream: how to watch the results online from UK tonight, and start times, Scottish Tory leader slams Boris Johnson's performance during Covid crisis, Brexit driving support for independence, Scottish Tory leader warns, Scottish Tory leader attacks Boris Johnson's over-centralised approach, Coronavirus / Ministers add to confusion over England lockdown rules, Robert Jenrick adds to confusion on lockdown rules in BBC Breakfast blunder, Nicola Sturgeon demands clarity on furlough payments for Scotland, North West ambulance service declares major incident after surge in 999 calls, North West Ambulance Service declares major incident, People in North West told not to call 999 unless condition is life threatening, Austrian minister: Vienna terrorist was convicted for trying to travel to Syria, Vienna terror attack: what we know so far, Vienna shooting suspect had previous conviction for attempting to join Islamic State, police say, Rescuers pull girl from rubble four days after Turkey earthquake, Turkey earthquake: Rescuers pull out girl from rubble 4 days after quake, Four-year-old girl rescued after 91 hours under rubble following Turkey earthquake, Hurricane Eta 'extremely dangerous' as it nears Central America, Hurricane Eta churns toward Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast as a Category 4 storm, 'Extremely dangerous' Hurricane Eta poised to slam into Nicaragua, Azerbaijani territories under Armenian control must be ‘liberated’: Iran’s Khamenei, Iran backs Azerbaijan’s right to liberate Karabakh, Quoting Trump, Iran’s Khamenei mocks US election: ‘This is American democracy’, Uganda police arrest opposition leader Bobi Wine after presidential nomination, Uganda's presidential candidate Bob wine arrested - party, Uganda opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine arrested, Houses for sale in Prestwich Manchester UK, Furnished apartments for rent in Birmingham UK, Follow the latest US presidential election updates in our dedicated feed, Children’s grassroots sport will stop during England’s second lockdown, it has been confirmed, Coronavirus tests will be offered to everyone across Liverpool in a pilot of mass testing, A suspected attacker in last night’s Vienna shootings had a previous terror conviction, A four-year-old has been rescued from rubble four days after an earthquake struck Turkey, Dozens of people have been killed in a massacre by an armed group in Ethiopia, Forgot your password?
Is the Grand Old Duke leading the charge to Zero Carbon? What’s going on at the Northern Ammunition Jetty? ... UK coronavirus: More than 800 military personnel test positive for COVID-19.

The fourth new Royal Air Force Poseidon MRA1 maritime patrol aircraft has been named 'Spirit of Reykjavik' in honour of the role played by the Icelandic people during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Here are the rules and regulations all royals must follow, 'Overwhelming' Russian submarines entering North Atlantic spark new Cold War fears, Experts are warning that if Britain is to be protected in any future conflict, "there will need to be substantial investment in our anti-submarine technologies and skills", 'Military' called to oil tanker near Isle of Wight as stowaways make 'verbal threats', The ship Nave Andromeda gave out a mayday signal at around 9am on October 25 after its crew reportedly took refuge following the discovery of stowaways on board, 'Spy' named James Bond discovered in secret Cold War files hidden away for years.

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