Unalaq employed a dark version of the Avatar State. [19] By luring Korra into opening the spirit portals and thereby causing Harmonic Convergence, he was also indirectly responsible for a shift in the world's energy that caused the reemergence of airbending and the rebirth of the Air Nation. The full moon gives waterbenders a pretty good sized boost. ozai 13 vote(s) 72.2% unalaq 5 vote(s) 27.8% Selina Kyle. Let's take a look at each of their skills and abilities. Both of them are powerful, but in raw power, I give the edge to Ozai. Unaloq does not hold that title during LOK. Energy beam, tendrils (as the Dark Avatar)Water [17], Unalaq later returned to the physical world, bringing dark spirits to aid his troops in repelling a rebel attack on the capital city. Its because Korra uses control avatar state and Vattu had more power than Ravaa which gaved Unalaq more power im his state. Unalaq warned his brother, a general in the Northern military, of the threat, and watched Tonraq drive off the invaders. Unalaq ordered the rebels as well as their leader, Varrick, to be locked away, but Korra persuaded him to let the rebels stand trial first. Later, as Unalaq's frustration continued to grow, he lashed out at his children for failing him, stating that it had been his mistake to trust them in the first place. Mako and Bolin managed to recover and re-entered the Spirit World and, seeing Korra on the ground, attempted to help but were stopped and locked in ice by Desna and Eska. Unalaq was said to be shot at by Juji's lasers, though they missed him and freed Vaatu instead. His move set ranged from strong torrents, water spouts, and unleashing multiple ice daggers in rapid succession. Unalaq used an ice drill in an attempt to open the Northern spirit portal. You are indeed where you belong. Unalaq possessed an extremely strong connection with the spirits and the Spirit World itself. Because of this merger, Unalaq became significantly more powerful, being able to use his own version of the Avatar State, with orange-glowing eyes instead of white. Strength/durability is pretty much unknown for both but based on build, I'd say Ozai has that advantage. Obsessed with opening the Northern spirit portal, Unalaq ignored the well-being of his son. He personally engaged Tonraq, ultimately defeating and capturing his brother.[18]. As the trial came to an end, Hotah found Senna innocent but sentenced Tonraq and the others to death. Unalaq was the only major enemy to be a blood relative of the Avatar. This was an incredible missed opportunity for some real character development. They were greeted by many people, including Tonraq and his family. He enlisted Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P'Li to take part in the mission. Unalaq was the only known major enemy of the Avatar to die directly at their hands. Unalaq re-entered the Spirit World just in time to witness Korra attempt to lock Vaatu back in the Tree of Time. Unalaq did a lot better against it than Ozai did against Aang's. If he is crafty about it Unalaq can trap him into an unavoidable situation. He also gained Vaatu's ability to spontaneously generate and manipulate vines and various types of plant life. The fact that he was able to hold off Korra and be a decent antagonist was complete and utter PIS imo. After the attack, Unalaq overruled Tonraq's decision to go back, stating that they could not afford to lose another year to open the portal; it had to happen during the winter solstice that night.

Wrong Middle Aged water bender who tricks korra. As leader of the Water Tribe, Unalaq gained territorial control over the closed spirit portals, which put him in a unique position to secure the entrances and carry out his eventual goal of releasing Vaatu and fusing with him to become a Dark Avatar and lead humans and spirits alike into a new era. Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes[6] (formerly)Dark AvatarKorra's spiritual mentor (formerly)Waterbending master After Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tonraq, and Tenzin failed to defeat or calm the spirit, Unalaq interfered and performed a complex waterbending maneuver that instantly calmed the spirit down, basking it in golden light, and eventually caused the entity to disappear peacefully. [14], Days later, Unalaq ventured into the Spirit World through the portal at the South Pole, and upon emerging, he found his children waiting for him. Discussion.

The two entered a brief battle that resulted in Korra being defeated. As soon as the Dark Avatar State comes out Ozai is crushed easily. Korra realized the truth in his words, and accepted his offer.[12]. Unalaq forced Tonraq to reveal his past to Korra. As they prepared to leave, Tonraq insisted on coming, since their travels would lead them directly into the Everstorm. Political information

I thought that was impressive, but not quite enough for me to put him as equivalent to Unalaq. Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose. Unalaq is decently powerful bit he is also more creative than Ozai. If this fight was just "Ozai vs regular Unalaq", I'd agree with you. Dark Avatar Unalaq would kill Ozai by only staring at him, literally. the fight ends with Unalaq destroying Ozai's soul. Unalaq was the fifth villainous parent to disregard his children's well-being in the process of advancing his own ambitions, after Ozai. Unalaq was the only known individual capable of spiritbending until Korra's mastery of the technique. Position [13] Promising Korra to give her parents a fair trial, he assigned a man he claimed to be most honorable judge of the Water Tribe, Hotah, to handle the trial. I'm not really a fan of Giant Dark Avatar Unalaq but he is literally the strongest villain we have ever seen in the Avatar-verse.

Korra's spirit subdued the Dark Avatar and ripped the light source out of his chest, recreating Raava. He clarified that there was no such thing as an "evil spirit", just spirits that were out of balance, a balance that could be restored by opening the portal prior to the end of the winter solstice. Frustrated, Unalaq revealed that every Avatar before Korra had traveled the world to learn, but she was denied that opportunity by her father and Tenzin's decision to keep her secluded at the Southern Water Tribe compound. Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/AvatarVsBattles.

He gained incredible size and strength in this new form, being capable of ripping out the statue of Aang Memorial Island with great ease and resisting the attacks of the United Forces fleet without struggle. After fusing with Vaatu, Unalaq became the Avatar's dark counterpart and the human embodiment of darkness, disorder and chaos.

Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! As night fell, Korra returned to the palace to discover Unalaq being kidnapped by a group of Southerners. Firstly, Ozai got stomped by AS Aang, but DA Unalaq isn't even close to that level of power. [3] The Spirit Wilds the Dark Avatar created during his siege on Republic City changed the face of the city, since no one was able to remove them; despite initial conflict between the spirits and the citizens, the vines and the spirits became a tourist attraction by 174 AG.[21].

After Korra utilized the energy from the Tree of Time, her spirit transformed into a massive being of light, which departed into the material world to fight Unalaq. Profession His water attacks were strong enough to shatter boulders and earth shields summoned by earthbenders. Phoenix King Ozai, formerly known as Fire Lord Ozai, or simplyknown as Ozai, is the main antagonist of the animated Nickelodeon television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and a posthumous antagonist in television series The Legend of Korra. [20], While having been enemies, Korra was ultimately convinced that Unalaq had been right about Avatar Wan's closure of the spirit portals being a mistake. The fact that he was able to hold off Korra and be a decent antagonist was complete and utter PIS imo.

Unalaq was a highly powerful waterbending master, being able to engage in combat using only a minimal amount of water. When Tenzin stated that he planned to journey to all the air temples with Korra, Unalaq promptly dismissed the idea as useless, as he believed only he could provide Korra with the training she needed to become a complete Avatar.

SDCC 2013: Legend Of Korra Team Talks Season 2, The Legend of Korra—The Art of the Animated Series, Book Two: Spirits, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Unalaq?oldid=2832511, Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes.

At the Tree of Time, Unalaq used Jinora to blackmail Korra into opening the Northern spirit portal; with his spiritbending, he threatened to destroy Jinora's soul if his niece would not cooperate. After Unalaq destroyed Raava, he ascended into a new, giant humanoid version of Vaatu. Unalaq isn't that great of a bender from what I've seen. Both Sozin's Comet and full moon overhead, as long as the battle proceed. If he gets the comet, it's an absolute stomp. Unalaq lamented that if that were to happen, the other nations would have to pick a side while the dark spirits fed off the energy of the conflict, resulting in a war between man and spirit. Intelligence is a big win for Unalaq. But we know that even a comet boosted Ozai can't beat the avatar state. Press J to jump to the feed. Tonraq tried to discourage the Water Tribe chief from willingly throwing his humanity away, but Unalaq ignored him, stating that he would be fully aligned with his spiritual power upon merging with Vaatu. Korra started to agree with Tenzin's assessment that she was not ready to be the Avatar, but Unalaq insisted that he had faith in her potential. Unalaq stomps, even Sozin enhanced lightning can be blocked by a powerful enough water bender and Unalaq makes Katara look like an ant. you … He interjected, using the lack of southern lights to prove his claims. Unalaq protested against his brother's offer, believing him to be a distraction. Unalaq was the second known head of state to usurp power over their older brother, the first being. He still had access to his waterbending, in addition to several of Vaatu's powers, such as his energy beam and vine control.[3]. Unalaq's insistence on believing that the Avatar was no longer needed had a considerable impact on Korra. More posts from the AvatarVsBattles community. However, the Chief dismissed the potential threat his brother posed as being irrelevant, concerning himself mainly with the protection of the Southern spirit portal, requesting more troops to be sent that way. Waterbending (Northern style), spiritbending His belief in the Avatar's failed duty, coupled with his own spiritual affinity, led him to fuse with Vaatu and take on the role of the Avatar himself, showing willingness to use any means to achieve his goals.

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