When Steffy went out of the house, Liam spoke to Douglas again to try and ascertain how he heard this information and what he may be thinking. Ridge informs Caroline about the vasectomy he had done last year and he had been planning to get it reversed as a surprise. Survived a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean (2011). Thomas then becomes a confidante of Steffy during her war against Ivy. Ivy shows Thomas the video on her phone of Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron. Liam and Brooke tried their hardest to convince Hope against making a bad decision and marrying Thomas, but after explaining Douglas' scare, Hope told them that it was for the best. To keep Thomas at ease, he was crowned Vice President of the company. They both shared a community in having loss their mothers at young ages. Hope offered to stay with him overnight, but Douglas told her that she should be with Thomas, and shortly after went back to sleep.

He asked Pam, who told him that not only did she believe she was in the CEO Office, but that Emma also was searching for her.

It is interesting how his hallucinations and delusions are really shown to viewers around the time that a … Despite this, he continues to offer Caroline friendship. Thomas and Caroline grow closer, and when she introduces him to her mother Karen, and Karen's partner Danielle, Thomas is at first surprised by Caroline's family situation but accepts it and supports it, which Caroline appreciates and they continue their relationship. Steffy called Thomas in private to tell him of what has happened. After the first-quarter numbers arrive during a meeting, it reveals that during Rick's time as president, sales plummeted due to his ideas. Pierson Fode(2015-) Caroline is very concerned but Thomas insists that Caroline cannot tell Ridge. However, Thomas catches Caroline's attention, and they go out on a date. Thomas made his feelings clear to Hope on many occasions and went so far as to kiss her, but was swiftly rejected due to her commitment. Ivy feels complete guilt over what happened and is unable to tell Wyatt when he returns home the next morning, fearing she would lose him. Towards the end of the reception, Thomas pulled Flo aside and asked her to leave, to which Flo responded in anger about how wrong the marriage was, and that if Hope knew the secret, that it would all change. They even kiss while they dance. But Thomas demands Ivy to delete the video. Thomas unhappily went off to Paris. He took it upon himself to go to Hope's house and not only apologise to her, but explain that he regretfully slept with Steffy after expressing his disappointment at Hope annulling their marriage. [6] In June 2015, it was announced that Pierson Fodé would join the cast in the role of Thomas. But Brooke eventually discovered that Thomas and Steffy tried to keep her away, and Ridge reunited with Brooke, much to the dismay of the kids, but Taylor accepted it. In 2012, Brooke made it her mission to get Rick's ex-wife, Amber, out of Forrester Creations and hires Karen Spencer's daughter, Caroline Spencer II, to work with Rick on their new fashion line and too also get Rick's mind off of Amber.
When he had arrived, Flo was about to reveal the secret to a concerned Wyatt, but Liam answered all of the questions before she got a chance to explain. Thomas and Hope remained good friends after this. Hope goes out the back door and Thomas then follows her to the back patio. Sally later returns to L.A. with the news of Thomas' inability to stay away from Caroline, the mother of his child. Ridge never gave up on trying to break them up, but Thomas eventually came to the realization that Amber wasn't the one for him and completely dumped Amber after she nearly got Ridge and Bridget Forrester killed in Big Bear. Infuriated by her uncle's actions which lead to her relationship's demise, Caroline visits him in hospital, strangles him, and attempts to unplug his life support device. B&B alum Kim Matula "proud" of her new wrestling film. Caroline starts having contractions so Thomas takes her to the hospital. Thomas whipped up a swimsuit line with Sally and had to reassure her when Caroline returned to town with Douglas. He then sought revenge on Rick Forrester, who was driving the car that killed Phoebe. ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ airs weekdays on the CBS network. Later on, Thomas makes a bet with his sister Steffy that he could get Ivy for himself, but Steffy believes that Ivy will remain committed to Wyatt and would cheat on Wyatt. News and More: Return to Soap Central's B&B FrontPage. In 2005, Thomas became interested in Gabriela Moreno, devastating Caitlin who tried to win Thomas back.

News broke last week that B&B was recasting the role of Thomas Forrester. Fought with Liam Spencer inside Forrester Creations' CEO Office and on the rooftop (August 2019).

Caroline tries to recollect and and accuses Thomas of taking advantage of her if she passed out. Fans are excited about Ridge ( Thomas couldn't understand it when Sally dumped him for not telling her he had a son with Caroline, yet proudly attended Spectra's showing until he saw Forrester designs sashaying down their runway.
Emma was floored by this information, and after chastising Zoe and Xander for holding it, proceeded to search for Hope, with the intent of telling her about it. They’re both these talented designer guys at the company, but Thomas thinks that nobody can beat him. Time will tell whether or not that will be the case. During a heated altercation, Thomas shoves Rick out the window, horrifing Caroline that he would resort to physical violence and breaks up with Thomas and pursues Rick. Thomas Forrester is a designer at Forrester Creations. Thomas returned shortly after.

Thomas initially instructed her to send him to time-out, but hung up after everything he said was divulged. Furious with Brooke, Ridge was overjoyed and declared his love for Taylor and proposed to her and they were then married. Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. https://theboldandbeautiful.fandom.com/wiki/Thomas_Forrester Flo had been heavily drinking and was visibly drunk, and decided that she should attend her cousin's wedding. Apparently, a few years ago when Pierson Fode took over the role, Matthew auditioned for Thomas Forrester. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) has undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. Flo tried to rationalise everything but fell on deaf ears, but to assist, decided to call Thomas to ascertain his, or Hope's, location, by placing him on speaker for Liam and Wyatt to hear. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Thomas drew a portrait of Caroline. He believed Rick was responsible for her death as he was driving when she was killed. The doctor suggests it could have resulted from the use of drugs or alcohol even at he earliest stages of the pregnancy which worries Caroline.

New comedy series for Y&R, DAYS star Eileen Davidson, Marla Adams recounts her emotional journey as Y&R's Dina, VIDEO: Remembering Marla Adams' most memorable moments as Y&R's Dina, Star says she experienced body shame while on Y&R.

Ridge is angry and asks what Thomas is to her, a friend, more than a friend, and Caroline bursts out that he's the father of her baby. Taylor wanted to tell Ridge the truth many times, but agreed to keep quiet when Brooke announced her own pregnancy and Ridge was the father. They share a kiss, but Thomas reminds Liam that he's married to Steffy, his sister. They all made an agreement if Caroline's contributions for Hope For The Future don't work out Rick will be replaced. Bill was shocked, as was Brooke when Bill told her.

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