Ich hab auch ein Video gesehen, wo einer mit dem Ding einfach vorfährt und extremst aber wirklich extremst übel zusammengeschossen wird.

These are not super heavy Mk.21 US AP either, these are the older standard weight  Mk.19 shells also.

I look forward to others trying Anchorage and posting their own honest reviews.

India X-Ray+1% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber above 160mm.+0.5% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber below 160mm.+5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating. India Delta+20% to the amount of HP recovered when the Repair Party consumable is used. I'm only 5 games into it, so I'll post changes to impressions as I gain experience in it, right now Anchorage feels like an island camper specialist, which is disappointing as the 15km gun range doesn't really contribute to the team so much, with all the planes radar and dd meta. Smoke firing penalty is 8km~9km(i forgot the exact value), for a 15km range ship, 8km, really easy for the enemy DD to spot it out unless there is a friendly DD scouting ahead all the time, anchorage atm is the highest-scoring ship at T8 at the moment in XP, WR and 2nd highest in damage behind the OP AF mainz, ofc part of it is new ship syndrome but the skill floor for a ship with smoke, fletcher torps and USN guns the skill floor is almost laughably low, even if they dont buff the ship people are still going to do fine with it, even as a HE spammer it's not that much behind a buffalo and you are still more than capable of ambushing ships with worse concealment. Die Bayard, ein Premium-Kreuzer auf Tier VIII, ist auf dem World of Warships Development Blog angekündigt worden.

Auf dem Modder -Account Spiele ich nur WIP Schiffe und diese werden nicht in die Statistik aufgenommen. smoke AND an island cover won't save you.

Superintendent +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship.

Upgrades- MAM1, ERP, ASM1, PM1, SGM2.

Soviel Solidarität bin ich gar nicht gewöhnt! I can't see this ship ever fitting into a meta and becoming good. However, she is consistently average. © 2011–2020 Wargaming.net. Schick ist der Kahn obendrein, allerdings liegt er echt nicht tief im Wasser.

Plating — 13 mm, central part — 25 mm.

Ich hab sie im Infothread alle schon geposted. not to mention the free damage from spamming in smoke and torping at choke points. Bayard can compensate somewhat with MBRB, but in pure constant fire setting, Mainz is only surpassed at T8 by CLs that drop IFHE.

Main guns: poor.

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