Maybe also how "sports video industry" is defined? I actually like FRL better with Nomad and Bratke. Willie should be flattered at all this attention.

This is a total win for everyone.”, “ founder Ross Halford is an early adopter and he has a sense for making the right moves at the right time.” says Rokfin founder and CEO Martin Floreani. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Are they afraid to work? Willie was in Texas but moved back to PA. perhaps they (Flo) didn’t like the “Work from Home” …

Rokfin will be the next big thing to bring various forms of content to fans from rankings, videos and stories + more. He will fit in nicely at Flo.". Junior Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling, Athletic Trainers, Cleveland Clinic Partnership, Update: Bees Wrestling currently ranked #3 in National Rankings, 59th Annual Brecksville Invitational Holiday Wrestling Tournament.

3. I’ll be testing both the three podcasts per week model, as well as Rokfin over a 12-week period.

Saylor will serve as the Site Editor, a role in which he will produce original wrestling content to collaborate with, and provide context for, the popular video coverages synonymous with Flowrestling. (One of?) The third episode will be available on Rokfin. ©2006-Present FloSports, Inc. All rights reserved. I’m committed to producing the best possible wrestling stories through the podcast to promote and grow our great sport, and that will never change. Casey Swiderski’s pin gave Dundee a 13-3 jumpstart in last year’s Division 3 team state championship match.

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Content creators (yours truly) upload content (blogs, podcasts, videos) to the Rokfin platform and users subscribe to access all of the content for $9.99 per month. The King of All Wrestling Media and self-proclaimed Greatest Mind in … There's been some activity in the case and one of the Mat posters has been helpfully posting documents. Rokfin is a subscription platform founded by Martin Floreani (yes that Martin, who created FloWrestling and FloSports). Updated Individual National Rankings (according to Willie Saylor/Rofkin): 106- Pito Castro #23 132- Jimmy … It’s incredible to be associated with some of the best wrestling-affiliated individuals in the world.

The Bees had four individual champions in addition to finishing on top as team champions. Media companies earn 235% more on Rokfin.

The UWW Junior and U23 National Championships have historically brought some of the nation's toughest high school and college athletes into the same brackets to battle for the top spot on Team USA. ‎Experience exclusive video, podcast, live-stream and ranking content on-the-go with the Rokfin app. Anytime the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast makes a decision, we rely on four guiding principles, namely: Projects that do not hit one of these four principles are chucked out the window, whereas those that do are given a second look.

Several other wrestling podcasts have put out new episodes since the last FRL episode, of Dec. 18. i think they mentioned on the last one that it went powerade -> xmas with family -> midlands -> scuffle for some or most of the normal crew. I’m excited for Nebraska Wrestling fans to take full advantage of what we can now offer with our partnership with Rokfin. We are able to transition to an incredible platform that not only continues to give the ability to provide unique in-depth analysis, but also outstanding access to the world’s best wrestlers and wrestling content,” says Ross Halford, founder of You’ve shopped this post to more outlets than old SHP with his Army wrestling post. Rokfin is a media platform that gives creators an easy way to earn more money through a subscription service. At the end of those 12 weeks, I’ll re-asses and go from there. “I’m excited about the opportunity,” Saylor said. One of those wrestlers, Hemauer, has already found a new home. Oct 28, 2020 .

Let your year over year wins begin. Maybe they're trying to make an example out of him. Is White America Really Ready to Reject Trump’s Fascism? The judge extended the TRO on me and said she'd rule Friday (tomorrow). I don't infer much about the TRO from Willie tweeting because for all I know Willie is tweeting against the advice of his attorney.

if that really is the only thing then I'm confident we are in excellent shape! Two of which will be free and available through the platforms you know and love (e.g., Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, PodBean,, etc.). When Iowa wrestlers took the mat in the Hawkeye Wrestling Club Showdown on Sunday in Coralville, Iowa, it marked the next step in a year-long journey to their first NCAA team championship since 2010. The King of All Wrestling Media and self-proclaimed Greatest Mind in … I’ll be testing both … Rokfin will be the next big thing to bring various forms of content to fans from rankings, videos and stories + more. The new modern platform that Rokfin provides is going to allow more creative ways to distribute content from a safer and more secure site and allow customers to manage their own accounts. This price allows you to not only get access to Insiders but you get unlimited access to: “I’m proud to offer this revolutionary leap forward to all of the Huskermat fans and subscribers.

Does this decision improve the content quality? Doesn't look like willie is doing much but tweeting hot takes since the TRO went into enforcement, so does that mean anything.

More info regarding the event as well as instructions on how to register to compete can be found by clicking this link. Bader and Bray talk with Senior Nationals finalist Evan Henderson who will be competing against Anthony Echemendia on November 14 and in the 150 lb 8-man in December. Hawkeye Wrestling Club Showdown Open Live Updates, Full Burroughs vs Zahid Card Set For Nov. 14, View All FloWrestling: Zahid vs Burroughs. The mega-duals that we just saw last weekend are a direct result of the proliferation of wrestling media that starts and ends with Flo. Willie Saylor, right, receives 2012 Journalist of the Year award from the National Wrestling Media Association during the NCAA Division I wrestling championships at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Willie Saylor, Former FloWrestling rankings guru and co-host of FloWrestling Radio Live. When Wyatt Henson committed to the Iowa wrestling program on Oct. 20, 2019, he fulfilled a dream that spanned generations.

Increase subscribers: My hope is that the podcast will tap into a new audience of wrestling fanatics who are loyal to Rokfin.

I don't think the intent was to use "video" as limiting only to video content, but rather to describe what Flo does and create some room for Willie to be employed in ways that don't set him as competing against Flo. Get the best Wrestling news straight to your inbox. Maybe it's about bad blood between the Floriani brothers. Willie is a tireless worker with a bottomless pit of passion for wrestling. Defendant Saylor shall not participate in the management, operating, ownership, financing, or control of Rofkin or of any other person, corporation, firm, or other entity that is engaged in providing products and services in the sports video industry within the United States, including any work that is broadcast in the United States. With regard to this specific case your comments regarding how the court may view Flo's restrictive language regarding the scope of activities covered and the geographic jurisdiction of where those activities may or may not be impacted has been very helpful.

Expect to see 1,500 wrestlers from over 30 states including Alaska and Hawaii. 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life. What’s wrong with the FRL crew? Find out who has already decided to throw their hat in the ring. The undercard will feature seven excellent matches from all three styles of international wrestling. Award-Winning Journalist, Willie Saylor, Joining Flowrestling Team. I do want to emphasize that Wrestling Changed My Life will always release two podcasts per week, free of charge. How to Watch: 2020 UWW Jr and U23 Nationals. And recall that it was rankings that landed this in court in the first place.
Five-time World and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs returns to the mat as he takes on Junior World silver medalist and two-time NCAA champion Zahid Valencia at a catch weight of 185 lbs.
It's the Hawkeye Wrestling Club Showdown Open, coming to you live from the Xtream Arena in Coralville, Iowa, and we've got updates! As of today, the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast will release three episodes per week. Relationships: Martin changed wrestling forever with the creation of Flo Wrestling. Ah crap did they take the video down? For the fifth consecutive year, the best boys and girls from youth through high school will do battle at the Monster Match Nationals. Senior Ethan Hatcher are 2-time Bill Dies Memorial Tournament Champions. 132 Jimmy Carmany CHAMPION (3x Conference Champion), 138 James Bronstrup CHAMPION (2x Conference Champion), 145 Victor Voinovich CHAMPION (2x Conference Champion), 220 Ethan Hatcher CHAMPION (4x Conference Champion). For feedback, email me at Jan 2, 2017 Aug 1, 2017 Jan 11, 2018 Jun 12, 2018 Sep 10, 2018 Nov 13, 2018 Feb 1, 2019 Apr 8, 2019 Aug 6, 2019 Jan 8, 2020 Mar 25, 2020 You can find my. In addition to the extra episode, Rokfin also has a ton of content from the likes of: Plus, all of the content that you view on Rokfin is ad-free, and many times exclusive to Rokfin.

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